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Our Communities

ASI’s goal is to provide safe, sustainable, high-quality affordable and workforce housing to communities across the U.S. ASI is committed to good stewardship of its growing portfolio of properties; our strategic priorities include fiscal management of properties, proactive asset management and providing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) to positively impact the performance of our investments and the daily lives of our residents and communities.

Quality Affordable Living

Acquired Sep 2019
Units: 283

Ashton Heights

Suitland, MD

Acquired Dec 2017
Units: 114

Broadway West

Brentwood, NY

Acquired Jan 2020
Units: 124

Monte Vista

Lake View Terrace, CA

Acquired Oct 2019
Units: 159

Parkland Village

Forestville, MD

Acquired Nov 2017
Units: 504

Rochester Highlands

Rochester, NY

Acquired Oct 2014
Units: 195

Siena Townhomes

Las Vegas, NV

Acquired Feb 2020
Units: 98

Stony Brook

Hyde Park, MA

Acquired Mar 2020
Units: 174

Trails of Dickson

Nashville, TN

Acquired Jun 2020
Units: 180

The Gramax

Silver Spring, MD

Acquired Mar 2020
Units: 184

Village Green

San Bernardino, CA

Acquired Dec 2014
Units: 220

Villas of Sorrento

Dallas, TX

Acquired Oct 2020
Units: 148

888 Tower

Santa Ana, CA

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