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A Brief
Introduction to
our Organization

Alliant Strategic Investments is an integrated owner / operator of affordable and workforce housing across the U.S. We sponsor residential real estate equity funds focused on workforce and affordable housing communities with identified opportunity. We seek to deliver outstanding impact-focused, risk adjusted returns to our investors while providing a safe, affordable and quality living experience for our residents.

Alliant Strategic Team

Shawn Horwitz
CEO & Founder
Eddie Lorin
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Rusty Ginise
Katie Balderrama
General Counsel
Clayton Wyatt
Chief Capital Officer
Charles Allen
Chief Financial Officer
Myron Chang
Head of Asset Management

Social Investments
that work

We strive to deliver “Triple Bottom Line Results” in the form of strong financial, environmental and social returns. We feel that next to feeding and clothing the workforce and at risk population(s), housing them is the ultimate “impact investment."

We measure our returns not only in financial terms but also the impact we are able to make in our residents lives by providing a safe, affordable and quality living space while also improving the environmental footprint on our projects. Secure housing is a basic need and meeting this need gives our residents the confidence of “going home” each day.