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Make a Difference.

Our investment strategy directly impacts low to moderate income residents by providing a safe, healthy, and stable environment that strengthens the foundations of the communities we serve.
Families earning below 80% of Area Median Income represent the largest segment of the rental housing market. ASI recognizes the need and has the expertise required to deliver quality, affordable housing for these families. We partner with like-minded investors to deliver mission-oriented results through the creation and preservation of affordable housing communities in high barrier-to-entry markets throughout the nation.


ASI acquires and preserves existing affordable housing properties and works to enhance them. Our “impact-focused” strategy is to refresh and update properties, improve them through resident-focused services, and ultimately, transform them back into safe, healthy, and affordable communities where residents and their families can thrive.


Affordable communities with restricted rents, income eligibility, or subsidies.


Detailed focus on growing occupancy and revenue through efficient operations, debt repositioning, and expense saving initiatives.


Provide a safe, healthy, and stable environment to our residents via community improvements and implementation of resident-oriented programs.


Determined after an in-depth evaluation of the asset and the market, and the confidence of it achieving maximum potential through the diligent execution of our business plan.

All investments involve risk.  Alliant Strategic Investments does not provide tax or legal advice and investors should consult with their own tax advisor before making any investment decision.  This does not constitute an offer or solicitation to purchase securities.

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